How much is it to rent?

Rentals start at $5 for two days

Advanced games are $10 for two days

Family Pack games are $10 for two days

Pick 4 games from that

category to take home

*Prices listed exclude tax.

Are the games cleaned?

Yes! We will sanitize each game  completely after it is returned.

As an added precaution, we will let games "rest" for 24 hours after they are sanitized.


After 24 hours, we will open the game back up for rental.

How do returns work?

Your rentals are due within two days by 9pm.

For example, if you rent a game on Thursday, your game is due back on Saturday at 9pm to avoid additional charges.*

*We will continue to charge your card until the game is returned. If  games are not returned by the 8th day, we will charge the full cost of the game.


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