While we are extremely excited to reopen our doors, we are taking the proper precautions to keep our guests & employees safe. Below you'll find a list of our new procedures as we navigate this "new normal" we all face. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing all of you again!


Hand Sanitizer & Gloves Available

Hand sanitizer and gloves will be available to all customers upon request. In addition, hand sanitization stations will be setup throughout the restaurant.


Digital Menus &

Plastic Utensils

Menus have been removed from the dining room & can be accessed via our website or scanning a QR code. In addition, only individually wrapped, plastic utensils will be provided. Pens used for signing receipts are to be sanitized after each use. 


Employee Safety

All employees have been asked to wear face masks during service.  Employees are required to wash hands every 30 minutes at a minimumFood & safety requirements may result in more frequent hand washing. 


Sanitization Procedures

All entry and bathroom doors are to be sanitized every hour. Open surfaces will be sanitized every 2 hours. All tables and chairs will be sanitized after use.  


Seating Capacity

Until further notice, Game Theory will be restricted to a 50% seating capacity, in accordance with state laws. If you are waiting for a table, we kindly ask that you wait outside or in your vehicle until notified.


Board Games

We ask that each table only take 1 game at a time. After use, please return game to the host stand & our team will properly sanitize before returning the game to the shelf. Games will continue to rest for 24 hours.