All You Can Play

We ask that each person* kindly pay a $5 library fee for unlimited play and full access to our library. Spend $10 or more and you play for free!

*Kids 7 and under play for free.  

No Cash

To ensure you have a seamless experience, we only take debit or credit cards. You don't have to deal with pesky change and you're free to tab out whenever you'd like.

Game Guides

Our Game Guides are ready to help with whatever you need. Whether it's providing recommendations, explaining the rules, setting up, or answering general questions - they've got you covered. 

Game Library

We have over 500 games and are always looking to add more. Feel free to send us a message with requests and we'll do our best to make it happen.


How have things changed due to


Our service has changed slightly to ensure the health and safety of our customers & employees.

You can check out our new procedures below. We'll continue to update as more guidelines are published.

Can I bring my own board games?

Unfortunately, we don't allow outside games*. It would be difficult for us to track which games belong to you or are part of our collection.


*Exception to the rule: book our party room! It's much easier to track if your games are located in a single space.

What if I don't play a game?

Not a problem! If you're coming to eat & drink only, you don't  have to pay the library fee.


You shouldn't have to pay for something you're not using...that's just crazy! 

How do I reserve the party room or host an event?

Just click the button below to send us your information. 


Cost varies depending on time and party size. Don't worry, we'll provide you a quote within 1 business day.