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For Love of the Game

Patrick and I are in the simplest terms, complete opposites. So how did two opposites come together to open a business? Despite our differences, we always agreed on our values. We care about family, never becoming complacent, but most importantly believe that every person serves a greater purpose beyond themselves. These values are the root of our relationship and have quickly become the foundation of our business.

Now some of you might be asking:

  1. Why a board game lounge?

  2. Why open in Fort Worth?

  3. What are you guys thinking?! Are you crazy!?

Don’t worry, these questions ran through our own minds before we made the announcement to all of our family & friends, and I hope to shed some more light on some of the decisions we've made thus far.

Why a board game lounge?

Growing up my family spent hours playing Sorry!, Uno, and Yahtzee! It was one of the easiest ways to pull three generations together and have fun. When I started dating Patrick, I was immediately introduced to one of his own family traditions - playing a board game after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinner. In what is normally a stressful and nerve-racking situation, I immediately felt right at home.

A board game lounge wasn’t Patrick’s first business idea (and it probably won’t be his last – he’s a hustler at heart), but it was the first one that excited both of us. Whether it was getting to know each other or catching up, board games have made spending quality time together easier. We felt in a world full of distractions, it has become increasingly hard to build a strong relationship with people. By opening a board game lounge we can provide an opportunity for others to have fun and create memories of their own.

Why open in Fort Worth?

Patrick and I are Fort Worth natives. We viewed this as an opportunity to give back to the city that has helped shape us, but landing in the Near Southside district seemed a little more like fate. I have deep roots in south Fort Worth - my grandmother was a seamstress at Dickie’s and my mother graduated from Trimble Tech. My family has called south Fort Worth home for quite some time, and with the transformation South Main is going through, we immediately felt like it was where we were meant to be. The comfort of home suddenly made our crazy idea seem a little less crazy.

What are you guys thinking?! Are you crazy!?

Probably. But we both believed we could do more.

Jim Koch, Founder of Boston Beer Company, sums it up pretty well,

“There’s a difference between scary and dangerous. There are things in life that are scary, but not dangerous. And there are things in life that are dangerous, but not scary.”

For us that meant we could stay on the known path, that lead to a comfortable life filled with "should of, could of, would of" or travel down the path less traveled to create the kind of business we had always dreamed of. We wanted the freedom to take action and directly serve the causes that are important to us. Most of all, we believed we could operate a sustainable business, and do our best to bring a moment of happiness to others.

Sure we’re taking a huge chance in life, but it’s a gamble we’re willing to take to play the game we love.

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