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Tim dominating at the game Reef
Tim dominating a game of Reef

For a lot of people board games feel boring. People imagine an hour of moving pieces and nothing happening. Modern games offer so much more though. Think of it like food, Monopoly is oatmeal and Cards Against Humanity is potato chips.

Cockroach Poker, it's like BS with bugs

Pictured here is a game called Cockroach Poker, that game is like a plate of hot wings. It’s spicy, it’s messy, and it’s fun watching someone who can’t handle the heat. And just like food, a good game is something people remember.

My favorite thing is when people love a game so much they’re thinking about it for days and they ask me, “When are we playing again? I’ve got a friend who wants to come.” It’s nice knowing someone wants to play a game twice and that they’ve been gushing about it.

At Game Theory we have a great selection to change people’s ideas about board games. We have exciting games like Rhino Hero that will make you laugh and scream. Or immersive games like War of the Ring that let you feel as powerful as Sauron. We’ve collected the most entertaining board games possible, so no matter your tastes we’re confident there’s a game that will satisfy you.

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